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Complete Front Yard & Backyard Landscaping & remodeling.

At RAA Construction Group, we believe that the outside of your home is the entrance to your kingdom.

The front of your home should be a representation of your personal style while welcoming your visitors in. Outdoor projects encompass drought-tolerant landscaping to replace old grass areas or a completely innovative design layout with greenery, trees, and beautiful plants; many of which qualify for significant water savings and city program rebates (based on area and project).

Exterior yard lighting, walkways, pavers, and stone are essential to creating your home’s style as people are entering your space. We utilize stepping stones, river rock, decomposed granite, and brick/ stone planters, or even wall tiering to compliment your space. We will complete any yard with drainage and new irrigation/water sprinkler systems to provide proper care for your lawn, sod, and shrubbery.

Our in-house specialist will come out for a FREE – No-Obligation estimate to discuss some creative solutions to create a fresh look to fit almost any budget.  Call us TODAY!

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