Sometimes there is a little inertia when planning a new remodeling project in Los Angeles. It happens everywhere, but with our weather there are so many good projects to do, where do you start?

Our experience has shown beginning with the remodeling project that will most impact your lifestyle is usually the best start. For many in Los Angeles it’s the kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that top the list. Kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles tops the list perennially and bathroom remodeling is usually a close second.

Personalizing these two spaces really means making your house, your home. RAA Construction Group concentrates our efforts on just that, making every detail personal for you. We love the work we do and you’ll love the results we bring to your Los Angeles area home.

New Additions

Adding a home addition in LA is another home remodeling project that seems formidable. That’s why talking to a local Los Angeles remodeling contractor like RAA Construction Group can make worlds of difference in the outcome of your project. We have the experience to take your dream and give it wings. Your home addition will be even better than you dreamed because our designers will add in the details you didn’t know about.

You’ve been thinking about home remodeling but your existing living space is limiting. Maybe a new addition to your home out back, or a second story addition to your existing floor plan. RAA Construction Group specializes in total home remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling

You might want some of the additional living space for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Utilizing the addition to add kitchen space will totally revitalize how you look at your kitchen.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing kitchen and change the look with new kitchen cabinets and counter tops, we’ll show you the widest variety of remodeling options available. Maybe you are thinking about expanding your kitchen? Around Los Angeles new home additions to enlarge your kitchen space can add a lot of beauty to your home’s interior.

The kitchen is still where we sit with the family and entertain guests. In Los Angeles and San Fernando Counties call kitchen remodeling professionals at RAA Construction Group. Get the kitchen remodel you deserve.

Bathroom Remodeling

Let’s face it over the years our bathrooms evolved into more than where we hang our towels. Around Los Angeles, bathroom remodeling should create a sanctuary for you. Our designers will work with you to design a space that relaxes you and calms your senses. We’ll guide you through the many choices in décor design and luxury baths.

RAA Construction Group has earned a reputation for home remodeling design that will exceed your expectations in Los Angeles. The high level of craftsmanship our remodeling crews bring to your project is due to our devotion to our customers.

When you’re ready to expand your home or redesign your living space, we’ll give you better options and better service. Our reputation stands on that. Call us today!